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Mary Fedden

The giant statue of 22 meters high Damien Hirst will be exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol from 6 June to 31 August 2011. Other works of art will also be presented during various exhibitions: sculptures and drawings of Elizabeth Frink, Japanese-inspired paintings of Lisa Milroy, an exhibition that explores new work by Jack Vettriano and photographs in black and white Jeannette Jones, and a celebration of Mary Fedden.

Bronze statue of Damien Hirst will be located on the forecourt of RWA, it will act as a monumental and dramatic testimony about social injustice. As for the celebration of Mary Fedden, first president of the RWA, exposure will be based on a set of works of the most popular British artists from the 1950s to today. Collected from public and private collections, the exhibition will celebrate the favorite themes of Fedden: animals, life, flowers and landscapes. Lisa Milroy began his first paintings of Japanese inspiration in 1986, and her knowledge of Japan was an inspiration throughout her career.

For his exhibition to be held from 6 June to 31 August, it will exhibit two groups of paintings paying tribute to Ukiyo-e prints. Always from 6 June to 31 August, "Wild" will explore the central themes of the most famous British sculptor of the XXI century, Elisabeth Frink. The works come from the artist's archives. Including sculptures and drawings of animals and men, the exhibition will also include a recently discovered sculpture, Birdman.


From June 28 to August 31, "The Ballroom Spy" will host works of popular artists Jack Vettriano, and nearly forty photographs in black and white Jeannette Jones. "The Ballroom Spy" will explore the glamorous and intoxicating side of professional ballet ...

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