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Paul Cézanne Paintings

The The The ** The level of primary school students also painted endlessly,
Completely amateur self-study, readily painted painting,
Draw a little technology are not ah .... made a play,
June made of acrylic paint,


6-16 draw a new map (watercolor, see today has been dry cracked,)
Decided to put here as a small base,
Are passed up to commemorate


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The same last month on the 16th painting, do not know what the painting is a ghost. The The The
Feel ugly embarrassed upload, and now make up about.
Has been painted a month ah, get to engage in something


This is the August 3 painting, that day feeling a bit bad, messy do not know what is the painting, which is called half of the flame half of the ocean Well? Is there a chimney? Haha haha ??I am also drunk, anyway or to send up to save, after all, I know the wood know the silver Well ... lost old face is also fun


And then Lak, this is painted today, probably 8 / midnight it, although it is still skilled vegetables, but look at the color more coordinated it ... ...



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