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Kai Carpenter: on the way to great art

This American illustrator is just beginning his journey in the art world - a few years ago he graduated from the School of Design in Rhode Island and, at the moment, is in creative search of his craft. This is most clearly illustrated by his resume, posted on the Web, in which he clearly declares that he is looking for work in the entertainment industry. And his work conclusively proves that he is able to carry out such work successfully.






What skills are particularly needed for such a task? Ability to express on the canvas a visual story about the depicted event. Please: here, for example, two cowboys created by Kai Carpenter's hand (Kai Carpenter). Of course, he found them for a moment before the duel on the pistols - another moment, and someone's blood would spill. The character of the incident is absolutely clear, and its heroes are created virtuously - this is not hampered by the fact that one of them is facing the spectator with his back. To express self-confidence and readiness for any development of subsequent events and this part of the body is already quite enough Michael Cheval art for sale.

Despite the early youth, this American illustrator has the experience of creating storyboards, 2D - animation, he can cover theatrical stage. In general, it was the world of the theater that became his way to the cinema. Today Kai Carpenter has proved his professionalism in scenography and choreography, and also can create light compositions in a dynamic environment. Well Vladimir Kush art for sale, with such talents, there is no doubt - very soon he will be lucky to find work. Or already lucky - while writing these lines.












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