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ALLEN BENTLEY I agree to fight with pillows, hold on !!

I open the gallery of Allen Bentley.
This artist-master catch the moments of life as a photographer with a camera-a wave of a brush and a happy moment in fate is imprinted!
Le bonheur est dans Les Mille petite chosen quiet dissent la trame de Notre vie Quotidien NE.
Maurice Pezaud
(Happiness is in a thousand little things that weave the fabric of our daily life.)

You, tea and wet clothes

You know, I got soaked through, all the clothes stuck to the body, it's cold and I'm cold. In the street such a downpour.
And I, as always, thought that I would do without an umbrella, that there would be no rain.
I love you.
Thank you, you are very hospitable, and thanks for the dry clothes.
I like you so much. So unreal, so much. The hands are shaky. You think it's cold? No, I'm in your dry clothes. It's from the fact that you stand a meter away from me.
Your shirt is a bit big for me, and I already like it so much. And I also really like her smell.
Tea? Come on, I do not mind. Your favorite? Of course, I'm only for. I can have the biggest mug, thank you. Your eyes. They look at me, O God.
I love you.
Thanks for the tea.


What? You're holding a pillow in your hands as if you want to hit me with it. What? Do you really want to? .. I agree to fight with pillows, hold on !!


Feathers are so light, interesting, and my love has weight?
Paper airplane ... Why did you throw it at me? Well, get back !! Eyes kissed the paper, from which the airplane, in you threw. I love.
I like your apartment. It's cozy.
A node in the abdomen. Wave.
Thank you for sheltering, I thought so wet to home and get there.
I love you.
What? What are you saying? You too?...

Julia Roni





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