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Black swan / White swan


Who does not know the ballet Swan Lake and the story of the confrontation between the white and black swans?
Even if you have not seen the ballet, maybe you already saw the movie "Black Swan" ("Black Swan") with Natalie Portman in the title role.
It was this film that prompted the designer Jill LaFleur to create a wedding collection based on a struggle between two images - a black and white swan.



A wonderful work was done by the team consisting of:
Photo: Jessica Claire www.jessicaclaire.net
Designer: Jill LaFleur www.lafleurweddings.com
Florist: Camilla Svensson Burns www.camillaflowers.com
Hair / Makeup: Cathryn van Breene www.thestudioagency.com
Stylist: Romona Keveza www.ramonakeveza.com and on www.bhughesbridalformal
Cellist: Lars Hoefs

Many elements of the collection were inspired by the dreams of little girls about the wedding with a beautiful dress, ballet and pointe shoes, the beauty of old jewelry and retro music from the old gramophone.





Even the flowers were worn by Camilla Svensson Burns:


This dress from Vera Wang is just too great and does not need extra words.


And this is the wedding version of the black swan.
The image of a black swan was performed by the girl in a stunning dress from Romona Keveza with such a bright and insane bouquet as one can imagine:


The black swan is a daring, sharp image!


And in contrast - white. Sweet, gentle.


And lampshades in the form of a pack, which look so capricious and bizarre!


And what better way to complete the drama of the ballet, than the heart-warming cellist?
He was incredible - his game in the background was surreal!


The story begins with the moment when the girl prepares to meet the man of her dreams.

She thinks about heels, but decides to stay true to her style and puts on pointes:

Even the napkins on the table are also dressed in bundles:


Everything seems to be going well, but here there is a black swan:

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