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Gluck. Orpheus and Eurydice. Performed by David Oistrakh

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Marvelous, old music ...

Gluck. Melody from the opera "Orpheus and Eurydice"

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Something sounded, flowed, pinched, caressed,

The spirit was engaged - forgotten and sweetly familiar ...

Marvelous, old music penetrated us

Through the window or slit of the panel house.

Even, I repent, I thought arrogantly:

"Wow, listen," is that only to us, who are initiated,

It is clear and expensive ... However, the neighbors, probably,

We went out somewhere, we left the radio switched on ... "

As if in response, she poured a little deeper:

Someone twirled the lever in the direction of the "piano".

It's a shame, probably, to underestimate the souls,

Only after themselves leaving the delight of the music lover.

As if this confusion, salvation, poison -

The incomprehensible science for amateurs,

As if we were given a monopoly right -

Lips bite under Chopin and cry under Gluck.

Love of the Sirota

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