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Ferdinand Loyen Du Puigaudeau (1864 - 1930)

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French Impressionist painter Ferdinand Loyen Du Puigaudeau (1864 - 1930)

Ferdinand Loyen Du Puigaudeau (1864 - 1930) - French artist impressionist. Ferdinand du Puigodo is known for mystical scenes of processions and carnivals in the village of Pont-Aven and his name is associated with Gauguin and the Pont-Avene school. Ferdinand du Puigodo was friendly with Gauguin, who called him the Minor Flute and Laval, and the three of them were going on a trip to Panama and to Martinique. However, Piigado did not succeed - he was drafted into the army. After the Army, Puigodo stayed on the coast, renting the estate of Kervaudu in Le Croisic, at the mouth of the Loire. He was friendly with Degas and corresponded with him until his death. The distinctive impressionistic style of Puigodó is evident in his color changes and descriptions of the light. Throughout his life, Puigodó was constantly looking for bright colors and choosing objects that would allow him to play with the extremes of color and light: sunsets, fireworks, artificial lighting and the transient effects of the shimmering sun or moonlight on the watery or windy areas. In each case, the fleeting effects of light and color are his true object. Puigodo claimed that he believed in "the color above all else," and his scenes sparkle with bright shades of blue, green, gold, and red.

Tapestry with wisteria on the background of the river 1911

Sunset at Brfiere

Night fire on the beach

Windmill near Guerande

Fishermen on the coast of the Loire

Breton landscape

Night procession to Saint-Paul-de-Leon, c. 1898

Carousel in night lights

Kervaudu under the bright moon

Sunset in Briere, 1925

Grand Briere landscape

Yellow bouquet on the table

The cart at the road 1907

Sunset in Burg de Batz, Brittany


Bourg de Batz, Brittany




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