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El 1 de diciembre es el primer día de invierno ...


Viktor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov cuadros

Me apresuro a felicitar a mis amigos con el invierno
Y desear calor en casa.
Deje que la ventana sea pureza silenciosa
La nieve cae en las calles, en casa.


Y que nadie esté solo,
Deje que cada hogar familiar espere.
Invierno: no es motivo de tristeza y ansiedad,
Más bien, una oportunidad de descansar un poco.




Vernissage. Modern American artist Morgan Weistling.

Vernissage. Modern American artist Morgan Weistling.

 A well-known American artist Morgan Westing (Morgan Weistling) began to get acquainted with the basics of fine art at an early age with his father, because of the war, did not finish the artist. Due to the fact that Morgan, much younger than his brother and sister, he began his artistic training in 19 months. His father sat with him on his knees at night, taught him to draw and use his imagination. "My dad and I are connected together by drawing and could talk to each other with pictures."


Morgan's father had a real talent to tell stories in the form of comics and gave his son the ability of a natural narrative.

"It was then that painting became my second language." The love of drawing pushed Morgan to study books on art, which his father acquired years earlier for himself. Authors such as Andrew Loomis, Vandepolp and Bridgman were increasingly opening doors to him in the world of painting. These were important and necessary books, however, the future artist had to go to the school of artists. At the age of twelve, Westling was determined to go the whole course himself, because he was sure that there was no longer any need for school.


But at the age of 15, in order for his research in the field of anatomy, drawing and painting to move in the right direction, Morgan needed a mentor. They became a retired illustrator named Fred Fixler. His school was called "Art Institute Brandes" and was devoted to one thing: to learn to draw from nature. Even while studying and working in an art store, one fine day, a prominent illustrator came into the store. Westling showed him his student work and the next day he found himself working in one of the leading art agencies in Hollywood.

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For the next 14 years he worked, practically, for every film studio in Hollywood, as well as in many other areas of illustration. After many years of employment, Morgan decided to paint something for himself. He took time out to devote some time to painting, and when the first picture was ready, on the advice of an old friend, Julio Pro, took her to the agency of Scottsdale Arizona ... Today Morgan Westling is a well-known artist, his work can be seen in many galleries of the USA and Europe.



Alexey Fedorov We compose a mysterious book along the way ...

A real journey full of discoveries,
Is not in the search for new landscapes,
But to see everything with a fresh look.

Marcel Proust



With an infant cry
To the very "sorry"
Mysterious book
We compose along the way.

Somebody's faces are shy
For every line ...
We draw pages
A trembling hand.

We are cheerful and right,
We skip straight ahead ...
Sweeping Heads
Recorded in the diary.




A piece of the sky

And if you blot
The line is corrupted -
Neither cold nor hot
We from this for now.

We will have time to return,
Hold the horses ...
Think about the page!
There are many days in their life.

What is worse, what's wrong
And who owes whom?
Someday later
Let's fix the draft ...


Urban Horizons


Tree of Life

... But late, darling, it's late.
Do not find bridges.
And it becomes threatening
Rustling of sheets.

Offended people,
Forgotten debts ...
It will not be corrected
In the past, no lines.

To whom, we,
Lied without shame,
They leave without saying goodbye,
They leave forever.

Whom we pushed,
Whom we failed ...
Koryavyh Zagugin
In vain do not scrape.

And our story rushes
To the finale ... And then
last page
Will cover a chubby volume.
And so too, belatedly
Wiping tears from my eyes,
As we are different, it happened -
Others will remember us.

Maria Semenova, from the series of books "Wolfhound."


Eucalyptus Dance


Speed of light


Way of the Samurai



Spread the wings


Avoid the crowds


The journey of the soul



Vladimir Kush Pillow Book