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A role model! Melody forest ... Andrew Kiss

A role model! Melody forest ... Andrew Kiss


I walk along the path and get into the pine forest. Here, as in the temple, clean and bright, lots of light and a little shade. The aroma of pine needles and fragrant resin is in the air, softly enveloping each newcomer - to create an aura of wilderness temple.


Heavenly light pours generous flowing river. Perhaps this is where the joy of living to which I went through the thicket ... Pine trees are living pillars propping up the azure dome of the sky. Harp rings forest ruchey.On sneaks between the pine trees, splashing its clear water that is bottled in small lakes, playfully smiling summer day its light wave. Charmed, I'm in the wonderful temple that nature itself, showing people a role model. I stand in the temple of Edessa, where the pine trunks Colón go up, propping up the dome of heaven ... I stand and listen to music transparent pure stream ... I stand, and so want to be the same bright and clean were the soul and conscience of each of us, each living on Earth . © 23.09.2011 light



Retail Therapy on King



Let the soul of every one of us always shines like a rainbow-bright church life! Let every day, every moment of human life will be filled with joy, pure and transparent as water forest stream, and every happiness will create with their own hands, doing good, protecting and appreciating the beauty of life in all its manifestations!



Ringtones summer forest ability to learn to appreciate and admire the beauty of life. They open in the heart of every path leading to the temple of joy and love, where each creator of his own happiness, happiness, happiness is impossible without the people around him, all over the world, all living on planet Earth!

Only need to learn the ability to listen to this music to its harmonies together came flooding into our soul and transforms it, to join all of us to the world, the universal rhythms of harmony and beauty ...







Fritz Willis | legs ... They are easy and smooth movement under the ringing clatter thin heels ...

Fritz Willis | legs ... They are easy and smooth movement under the ringing clatter thin heels ...


American illustrator

Fritz Willis (1907 - 1979)




An autumn day

Igor Dvurechensky - Yearning


Diana's chest, cheeks Flora

Charming, dear friends!

However, the foot of Terpsichore

Adorable something for me.

She prophesying view

Invaluable reward

Conditionally entails the beauty

Wish masterful swarm.

But Pushkin





Diskoteka accident - Legs and feet


Ah, the beauty of shapely female legs!

In all ages relish the sight of men.

Excitement fired to shiver,

And vzygryval adrenaline in the blood.


Artists, mesmerized easels,

Wrote outlines of female feet.

They sang passionate poets,

In graceful beauty inspired lines.



They are easy and smooth movement

Under the ringing clatter thin heels.

Excite and capture the imagination,

And warm enthusiasm again and again.


In these lines of graceful perfection,

And the contours of Fine mischief.

Their sensitive touch - one bliss

And irrepressible passion witchcraft!


How can you resist the sight of legs?

Insanely attractive they look.

Curves shapes, velvet skin,

  Everything in them and seduces and lures!





Stop, instant - you are great!

Stop, instant - you are great!


Artist Andrew Atroshenko was born in 1965 in Pokrovsky. In 1977 he entered art school for children for gifted children, from which he graduated with honors in 1981.


Two years later he entered Bryansk Art School, and in 1991 was admitted to the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, which is considered one of the most prestigious art institutions in the world.


In 1999, after graduating from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Andrew Atroshenko was invited to the US to work and participation in exhibitions. His work has been successfully sold in galleries in Florida, California, Ohio and Arizona, the artist has participated in many group exhibitions and auctions in France.

According to Andrew, "One year in America gave me more as an artist than eight years of my studies at the prestigious Russian Academy of. I am a descendant of farmers, and I was struck by the landscape of America. After becoming acquainted with the work of Royo and Pino in New York 2000, I suddenly realized what direction I want to paint. "



Fat Cat

After staying for a year in the United States, the artist spent two years in Russia, developing a new style of his art.


He considers himself a follower of the artist Pino (Giuseppe Dangelico Pino). Bright colors, with a predominance of scarlet, very well convey the expression of dance, music rhythm.